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(in accordance with Grass Valley Municipal Code)


No aggressive, vicious, dangerous dogs or dogs in heat allowed in park; leash and remove any dog exhibiting anti-social behavior.
Dogs must be currently licensed and vaccinated with a license visibly attached; no puppies under 4 months.
Keep dogs under voice control; maximum 3 dogs per person.
Pick up dog poop and deposit in trash receptacles.
Owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries caused by them (CA Civil Code Sec 3342); Dogs Run Free and the City of Grass Valley shall not be responsible for injury or illness to dogs or their owners.
Dogs shall enter and exit park on leash (6’ max) and be accompanied and monitored by an adult at all times; dogs are not allowed in other areas of the park except posted dog-walking trails.
Children under 12 must be closely supervised by an adult; the dog park isn't a place for running children.
Park hours are sun up to sun down; no alcohol or smoking are permitted.
Failure to comply with posted rules may result in citation or expulsion from the park.

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