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Good for Dogs


Socializing with other dogs and humans reduces fear and aggression, increases relaxation and friendliness. Strenuous exercise makes dogs healthier and less prone to anxiety and barking. Dogs running free in a dog park are being supervised, they learn manners, get exposed to different types of dogs and humans in a friendly environment.

Good for People


Socializing your dog is a good way to socialize with your neighbor and meet new people. Dog parks help strengthen communities by creating a specific site for off-leash recreation. This keeps users from needing to travel to Penn Valley, Auburn or Roseville parks, plus it is beneficial to local businesses and services.

Good for the Community


The more people use parks, the safer and friendlier they are. A designated area for off-leash dogs keeps dogs out of other areas.  Dog owners need a place to participate in Grass Valley parks. Tourists increasingly travel with their dogs and look for dog-friendly places to exercise dogs and socialize with citizens and learn about Grass Valley.

We are located at 660 Minnie St., Grass Valley, CA
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